ZENITH EL PRIMERO WATCHES cheap.The classic watch from Zenith's El Primero chronograph watch was quietly launched at the Basel Fair in 2015 and immediately caught my attention. It reminds me of the old Zeniths of the 1950s, and in my faith, will do my own efforts in the recovery, my watch completely ignores the categories that people like, though we have not heard too much about it - this In the internal clothing chronograph. Of course, you have your GP, Pateks, Langes and Vacherons, these are really amazing dress chronographs, but below or at $ 10K, all the real meaning of the internal chronographs are big and bulky sports watch. The zenith is simple, elegant and may only be (almost) perfect. After this new Zenith El Primero chronograph classic, it was my thought that took a week.





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I will start this review by discussing the watch in the context of producing its brand. It was a bit curious to me under the control of Jean-Claude Beaver. We have seen a series of products, from the 20 types of absolute fool limited edition, including 60mm of these really cute lacquered dial El Primero chronograph, arrived in the Yu-ship feel the tenth "light". We see some very impressive (though not my tastes, aesthetics), like this to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, we see an enhanced El Primero, tightening the putter, although my taste is Big, well executed.RADO D-ORIGINAL WATCHES cheap