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PR World is a free and easy way to submit and distribute your press releases through various platforms including online, media and print. Press Releases are an important way to publicize your company's/Institute's newsworthy events. Properly written, a press release can expose your organizaion to an entirely new audience. And getting started is EASY! with http://prworld.org

This is the one stop place to submit totally FREE press releases for your product or service. Submit your press release online free of charge. Use our free distribution service to submit your news to the world whether you are a small medium or large company this is the place to get noticed. Use our free submit and distribution service to get your product or service out there for key media groups and journalist to notice and write about. Our RSS feed is syndicated to many RSS feed sites so your exposure is increased far beyond our site. Press releases get a far wider audience than just web adds as they can be published in print and visual media to reach an audience outside the normal web. So use our free press release example to get started and show your news to the world.

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